Freeze Frame Friday: Robert Griffin III & Andre 3000

Ever miss Straight Outta Westwood when we don’t post on Fridays?  We certainly do.  That’s why we’ve decided to change things up a bit and give our fans exactly what they deserve–humor, or at least an attempt at it.  With that, we introduce “Freeze Frame Fridays,” a post that will go up every Friday evening that either brings up an “Oh, yeah, I see it…” moment with an athlete/celebrity look-alike or just a comical image from the world of sports.  Whatever we post will  be guaranteed to have a few witty lines along with it.  And if it falls short?  Well, that’s why we’re not getting booked at the Improv any time soon!  We hope you enjoy.  Let the pun-fest…BEGIN!

Both stars are dressed “So Fresh, So Clean”

After being selected second overall at the “Player’s Ball” that is the NFL Draft, Robert Griffin III is poised to make moves at the  Washington Redskins training camp.  Watching some of Griffin III’s game film from Baylor, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan saw his new quarterback’s mobility and said aloud, “I Like the Way You Move.”

It was a rough offseason for the ‘Skins, who lost out on then free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson.  Allegedly, Jackson’s mother called to ask for a higher contract offer, but GM Bruce Allen simply refused to budge, saying, “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, but I am FOR REAL.”

Still, Griffin III and the Redskins remain unfazed, realizing their offseason woes “Ain’t No Thang.”  Besides, if all else fails,   Tyrese Gibson and Mark Wahlberg are guaranteed to be leaders in the locker room.


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