It was late on a Tuesday night at UCLA’s Saxon basketball courts when three beat writers simultaneously drained three point shots, looked at each other and uttered the ever-famous words, “Let’s make a blog.”

Well, something like that.

Sculpting their beat writing abilities by way of covering a variety of UCLA sports,  reporters Kevin Bowman, Chris Kalra and Andrew Erickson then decided to make this blog a reality.  Channeling their inner Ice Cube, Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, the three named their blog Straight Outta Westwood.

Our blog aims to provide a fresh perspective on sports taking place in Westwood, Pasadena, Oklahoma City and beyond.  Who knows, we may even sprinkle a few puns in when it’s called for.  The end result should be something that the fans look forward to reading, sharing and nodding their heads to day in and day out.

So with that, we welcome you to Straight Outta Westwood.  Feel free to Tweet us, Facebook us or even MySpace us (for those loyal sports fans that have somehow been trapped in the year 2005) and let us know if you would like us to write about any sports-oriented topic.  We’d be happy to entertain your ideas.

From the reading room of Powell Library  to sports fans all around the world, we’d like to extend a greeting more profound than .

Thanks for reading!

-Andrew, Chris and Kevin

P.S. Like us on Facebook (search “Straight Outta Westwood”), Follow us (@SOWestwood) on Twitter, or email us: straightouttawestwood@gmail.com

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2 responses to “About

  1. seanoz

    Tenth floor of Holly? Unreal. That’s how you know this blog is legit–that’s some prime Westwood real estate!

  2. Mike Gazdik

    Hey there,

    I’m Mike and I’m a writer over at The Farm Club (thefarmclub.net). I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoyed reading it.

    At The Farm Club, our goal at the present time is to give college-aged writers an opportunity to have their articles read by thousands, get better as writers and hopefully give them a head start into whatever career they’ll be interested in. Many of our writers are broadcasting or journalism majors and we have writers from San Diego, Portland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Maryland, Vancouver and Melbourne, Australia.

    I’d like to express my desire for you to check us out and contribute some articles if you’d like. We are in the belief that the only way to help grow our blog and reach the goals we have set for ourselves is to branch to as many writers we can and get a steady stream of quality content. We currently have 19 writers that write for us on a regular basis, all college-aged, as well as take single article submissions from others that are just interested in piping off about an issue or two.

    Comment here or email us at thefarmclubblog@gmail.com if you’re interested! Check out the blog and let us know what you think.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this message and happy blogging!


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